About Me

I am a Self-employed, Freelance Photographer based in Minehead, Somerset. I have been interested in photography since the age of 14, when I got my first decent camera, a second-hand Yashica Electro 35.

At that time it was the best thing in the world (to me) and I couldn't wait to see the prints, or slides if I was being really brave, come back from the processing company. So, very little has changed in nearly 40 years then!!

I have just made the switch to Olympus m4/3 equipment, after having used Nikon equipment for most of my life. My back and arms are loving it, and being able to take a camera everywhere is like starting over. I still get a buzz when downloading the memory cards from a shoot and open up the RAW images in the editor for the first time. I definitely shoot more frames than I used to on film - no developing costs! - but then I tend to bracket more these days. I keep meaning to take the neutral density and graduated filters out more often?!

I predominately shoot landscapes and local nature. Living at the foot of Exmoor you can't fail to get excited by some of the views and the local Red Deer and Exmoor Pony herds.

I love floral macro images, Dahlia and Rose being particular favourites, and submit a lot of this type of image to Alamy stock library.